Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noun on/in/under a Noun

We've had "Snakes on a Plane". Now, there's "Man on a Ledge".

I'm so glad Hollywood has finally found a formula that really works for them. We need to give them a little help, though. I'm sure there are versions of the formula that we could try out, and perhaps even develop plots for them.

"Frog in my Throat"

"Mom in a Meat Factory"

"Furby in a Baby"

I dunno. Just a few ideas. They'll need developing.

I've been hearing more and more about new derivative films being made from TV shows I watched when I was a kid, like Big Valley, and so on. Couldn't possibly be worse than the original, but might, if they try really hard.

By the way:

How to be a Retronaut has wonderful fake posters from the Golden Age of Socially-Conscious Hollywood (i.e., the 70s) that includes such casting concepts as William Shatner and Natalie Wood in Avatar (has to be seen to be believed).

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