Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unenthusiastic Exclamations of Delight!

So, today, I read in Ironic Times (required reading of the staff at The Situation) that the word "meh" has entered the dictionary. (and yet my spellchecker still annoys me)

So glad you asked.

This is apparently a word used to describe a lack of interest or enthusiasm for a thing or task.

Yes, folks - the English language has evolved yet again. We've moved from "whatever" to "meh." Not that I mind, it's certainly easier to say: 

"We need to do laundry." "Meh." 
"Bush is still in office." "Meh."

But it does speak of deeper meanings. The word "w00t!" made it in, and I happen to think that's a good thing. Made-up words are finding their way into the actual lexicon of English. Unlike the French, who decided some time ago that not only was creating new words beyond their capacity, but that using other people's words for them ("television," "sexy," etc.) was also bad.

The French don't "watch TV," they "look at the box with lights," or something like that, I guess. At least the Germans (not what one would think of as a country known for it's flexibility of thinking) came up with a cool name for TV: Fernsehen, or far-seeing.

And while we're willing to come up with new names for things we already had names for, we still don't adapt well to change, unless it's something everyone has either done, or seen on das Fernsehen.

Oh, well.

Or in other words, meh...

Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm in college again. And even my College is changing it's name to University. Which is sort of odd, but perhaps I get better props for going to an on-line University than just an on-line College.

Ah, well, a degree in journalism is worth little, but it will be nice to have the alphabet soup after my name. In three or four years. I did relatively well in my math class, while pretty much hating it. A 3.4 for not communicating much with my fellow students, and doing my proofs incorrectly. Hard to know what the prof wants, when you don't get to see them in person. Biology is probably next.

How to dissect a frog via the Internet...

I have lately made contact with old odd friends. John H. (+ Sheila) from Sonoma and Santa Rosa Junior College, hiya! It's interesting to communicate with people who've grown a long way apart from one, but you never know, we may still have the old spark of friendship that existed so long ago. I've gone back once or twice to visit old friends, and it never seems to be the same from the way it was before, but I always have hope. Fortunately, I still have Boegle and her Ler, as well as Lemur and Chickenfeet, and Daubentonia. I miss all of them, and occasionally I get to see them, but it's way too rare.

And I'm jealous that Boegle got to see 007 before me...