Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sitting here at work

doing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Not that this is different from other days. Situationist ethics aren't working for me here - I should be out graffitiing the world.

I am currently editing a film, entitled Sans Vie (Without Life, for those undereddicated folks who don't SPEAK Spanish).

Strangely enough, a film made in Seattle with a mostly English-speaking cast who were forced to learn their lines in French for this odd concept. Set in the future, a woman who can literally spend her life in her PJs, does, and this is seen as a bad thing, except that she really doesn't have much in the way of human contact (other than cyberstuff). I recognize this girl, I even sympathise. I was much like this, and had I been able to do my job from home, I probably wouldn't have left my apartment for much of the year (except for the occasional weird-ass movie). So in some ways, I identify with this girl.

The movie itself is providing me with several challenges, such as lousy sound (not the fault of the actors entirely, the location proved to have two railroads [one on either side], a major auto corridor downstairs, and airplanes flying overhead), minor continuity issues, and a special effect that I am currently struggling with. (her eyes have to go a kind of yellowish, milky white, and they shot both shots with a hand-held camera - growl)

But it's something I've wanted to do for quite some time, and will, perhaps, get me work other than my job. Maybe even enough to not do this job anymore.

AAAAAAAAAAAAACK! At the end of February (though this may change), I am off to Toronto for 9 days. Actually Brampton, but you folks know what I mean. Not that I dislike the Canadians, but the beer sucks. And Montreal was a bit on the snooty side (everyone's smarter than me, if only because most of them are bi-lingual).

I have to debate with myself whether I should get the new computer when they announce the new models at MacWorld next week. I will then need to turn over the laptop to the wife (it's meant for her) and I will have nothing upon which I can edit or entertain myself in the coming trips. Perhaps I can also buy myself a smallish laptop, like a MacBook. The black one is sure pretty...