Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shiva looks up

Shiva looks up
Shiva looks up,
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At about four o'clock in the afternoon on Friday, November 25th, my wife and I took our dear little old Shiva to the vet to have her put to sleep. Her kidneys were pretty much gone, and we were told that we could keep her alive a while longer, but she wouldn't have been a happy cat.

I lost my little old lady cat 16 years to the day I brought her home from the vet. She was the most wonderful little psycho angel, who (even with only three legs) terrorized almost every other animal she ever encountered. With humans, she was sweet, purring and generally friendly, though she could turn on you pretty quickly if you bothered her too much.

RG and I will miss her. She has been my best cat friend ever, and I already miss her snuggling into my armpit at night.

So long Shiva. I hope wherever you are is sunny, and the local birds are slow.

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