Friday, November 16, 2007

The Furnace Maze

Now that I am warm at home.

Windows in December. Excavation pretty soon. New paths.

What does one do with dirt one doesn't want?

My cow-orkers are pushing me at my mazes again. When I was young (oh, so much younger than today) I drew mazes. My father once asked me why I was wasting my time with them (and then later apologized, which was nice of him). These were intricate, strange things with no dead ends and an infinite number of solutions. The idea was, you draw a bunch of spirals with many arms, and connect the spirals together. Each spiral center (or "valve" as I heard Greg Bright describe them once) has multiple exits. Each valve you pass through multiplies the odds against ever finding a way out. Technically, all the valves lead out. They also lead back in again.

But now there are computers. I could draw one of these things, and scan it in in phases, mapping the shortest route to the exit, but then keeping that information to myself. Proof that it's posible to finish the maze.

Perhaps I will draw one, and post it. A small one, so I don't spend an eternity doing it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sten, Long away from the maze, living in Idaho and l(i)oving life. How da' heck are you? Your friend and amazed observer of, "You must never touch the squids". HAAAA!

My high school sweetie found me via my e-com site and he is moving here this spring. Hope you and Cory are great! Send photos if there are sTenlets!
Hug and Hugs,