Monday, December 28, 2009

More Dead Young Cute People

There's another one. ANOTHER ONE. This one's called "Frozen." Three people take the last ride on the ski lift on a Sunday night, when no one will be back until Friday, and it gets stuck too high for them to jump, and the temperatures are goin' DOWN. Oh, yeah, and wolves. There are wolves. Frostbite. Astonishingly, no one gets their tongue stuck to anything.

Idiots in jeopardy. Or is it rude people in jeopardy? (there appears to be some good reason for these youngsters to be abandoned by the guy controlling the ski lift - they were, um, rude-ish)

Has this happened? Can it happen? Could someone please point me in the direction of newspaper info on this subject? I live near a bunch of ski areas, and one hears about people wandering off in the wilderness, or getting caught by avalanches while snowshoeing (which is, of course, the only winter sport I am currently doing). But I've never heard of anyone being "left behind" as it were on a ski lift.

Come on people: "Closed For Christmas". I'm waiting. I need to see this movie. But I don't want it made by the idiots who do "Meet the Spartans" or "Scary Movie 4." It needs to be done by someone who knows how to make it funny but not stupid.

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