Thursday, January 25, 2007

Screwed up royally

I am such a dimwit.

I really thought that one had to create different blogs using different sign-ons or different passwords.

Not reading the carefully written text of the dashboard on this website that allows one to create as many blogs under the same sign-on as you like.

DER! (or is it DOY!?)

Anyway, I created my political blog (P-blog?), and then promptly lost it. I used a misspelled version of my actual email address, and cannot figure out how I misspelled it. It exists, there is one posting, and unless the nice folks here at Blogger choose to, I will never be able to access it again.

I may just start a slightly different version of it under this login, and call it something slightly different. The other one was Ugly Bald Liberal. Maybe the new one will be Old Bald Liberal.

Anyway, in other news, we get these nifty promotional announcements via corporate e-mail, and I don't know why I should care, but it kinda bugs me: "Here's a bunch of people who are doing better than you are. Work harder!" or something.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have been told to start my own blog by the polite lefties here at work. I suppose I could tell them I already have my own blog, I just don't blog about politics.

Well... not much anyway.

It might upset them to discover that what I blog about is the job I don't like. And that they do.

Anyway, Rambunctious Girl and I are going to look at a BMW tonight. Apparently it's important that we raise our insurance costs. It IS cute, black-on-black, 2-door, hatchback. Then again, I guess I'll have to sell my truck. But then I can drive Cori's Honda. (but what if I need to haul something?)

Rent a truck from Home Despot, I guess...

Thursday, January 4, 2007


I wear my Mickey Mouse ears with pride.

(I know - attention whore)

Looking to get that degree thing. I am actually seeking input from anyone with knowledge concerning on-line degrees, and whether it's worth pursuing. There was one institution I looked at that was actually offering a a Journalism degree, but I worked out that it would cost $51,000 for me to complete all the course credit requirements. At the end of which, I would have a Bachelor's degree (a B.S., I believe - a B.S. in Journalism?).

Anyone know anything about these sorta things? I haven't seen much research on-line, mostly it's all just propaganda, and people seeking advertising dollars for linking you to the on-line colleges' websites.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

This isn't happening

And neither am I. So far, I have had two system crashes (on a fuckin' MAC, fer cornsakes).

I have discovered the pleasures of Shake, but unfortunately not the skills. Yet.

Shake, for the less initiated, is a fairly powerful compositing program that folks like Daubentonia use (or used - I realize that ILM has made significant changes to this software for their own purposes). I am simply trying to cause a pair of contact lenses to follow a person't moving face around a screen, and then disappear as that person closes their eyes. Not the easiest thing, admittedly, but it should be possible.