Wednesday, January 3, 2007

This isn't happening

And neither am I. So far, I have had two system crashes (on a fuckin' MAC, fer cornsakes).

I have discovered the pleasures of Shake, but unfortunately not the skills. Yet.

Shake, for the less initiated, is a fairly powerful compositing program that folks like Daubentonia use (or used - I realize that ILM has made significant changes to this software for their own purposes). I am simply trying to cause a pair of contact lenses to follow a person't moving face around a screen, and then disappear as that person closes their eyes. Not the easiest thing, admittedly, but it should be possible.


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Katja said...

Have we ever got some Canadian beers to change your mind with, Mr. Stranger.
Do they let you escape to the real city once in a while or do you have to stay in the wilds of darkest Brampton?
Come we feed you, good food, come.