Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Going, going, going...


Remodeling. I have friends who have done this sort of thing. Now I'm looking at the problem and there's too many notes.

We're getting the house jacked up (slightly).

The front porch needs to be overhauled.

Then the windows need replacing.

Then the plumbing. (PEX?)

Possibly a new water heater.

A new oil furnace.

Old drywall (of some sort) and wood paneling removed and re-drywalled. The ceiling, too.

A parking pad in the backyard.

Three trees removed.

A hedge installed (100' of it!).

A fence in the backyard. With a gate.

A new walkway to the front door.

A new walkway from the back door.

Some of which I can do myself, except that I never seem to have time.


pj said...

u are insane in the membraine

Lemur said...

Wow. We are not handy at all and could do none of that ourselves. Any attempts we've made at 'fixing' something or even buying grownup furniture have been disasters. We have decided to take the less stressful (for us) path of embracing a life of simple and comfortable pseudo-bohemian squalor. Amazing how little the mess bothers you if you just stop looking at and only take action if you can smell it or feel it under your feet. I think I never want a house. Just a room in someone else's once in a while. My apartment is a box where I keep my stuff and sleep. Its also a playground for the cats. I'm feeling pretty at peace with that.

When the cats grow up and 'leave for university'. I hope to travel a lot more.
Fortunately I've learned to be a very low-impact camper on other peoples sofas so I have invitations to stop off at little islands of domestic paradise once in a while.
Yours sounds like it will be a nice place. Good luck :)
Taking it slow and keeping it fun and practical is probably a good thing...?Not speaking from experience..just a guess.